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What People Say about us

"Before minimally invasive surgery, my symptoms were excessive, heavy bleeding, blood clots, painful cramps, lower back aches. I was really fatigued and stressed and I felt real bloated and just miserable, basically. My doctor said that I had to have a myomectomy.I found out about this keyhole day care surgery from a friend of mine who had sent me an article from the Times. I found out that it wasn't going to be as invasive as an open surgery

Fibroids removal surgery has changed my life because I no longer have to worry about the excessive bleeding, and I no longer have this aching feeling in my lower back. I just feel so free. My overall quality of life has improved."

Name: Eileen Mbakara, Nigeria.Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

What People Say about us

"My husband and I have experience of hospitals in UK, where we stayed for two decades. Finding has been a boon. The hospital in India is overall the very best we have experienced.The level of care is exceptional. Every member of staff works as a dedicated member of a team to assist recovery. We were somewhat nervous about coming to India as we have never visited before, but we were never left unsure or uncomfortable about anything from the time we were picked up at the airport.

The medical facilities and the room facilities were equally excellent. Communications critically were very reassuring and good communication about what was happening at any time and what would happen next left us feeling in control. A special word of thanks to the Physiotherapist who worked hard and motivated me to get back on my feet again without any pain. Were any of our family to need surgery again, with time to make a choice we would come here."

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What People Say about us

"When I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, I wanted to find out everything I could about them. My symptoms were text book symptoms: heavy bleeding, a lot of pain, anemia. I was referred to a gynecologist, who recommended hysterectomy. Basically the story was, well you've had your children. You don't need your uterus anymore. That just did not match my core belief about what my body was here for. I asked about alternative treatment, but was told that this was the only one available.

I went on the internet to know more about treatment of fibroids. I discovered that embolization was the right treatment for me.

I came in the morning... it was simple... as simple as it was explained to me. Within a week I was back at work. Within a couple of weeks I was running again. I love to run. When I think about friends who have had hysterectomies whose lives were interrupted to weeks on end and probably forever, their lives will be different. I'm just so happy about my decision."

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